Tasting Room

Tastings, cocktails, and bottle purchases are available on a walk-in basis (not accepting reservations at this time); bottle sales available in-store or online. Tours have been temporarily suspended.

2 Samples $8 / 4 Samples $12 / 3 Samples+Cocktail $19

sample our available spirits: brandy / vodka / gin (london dry style) / gin (barrel-finished) / cinnamon vodka

RC Club Member/Guest 35% discount on non-liquor merchandise

ABC rules are strict / we can’t discount alcohol / rappahannock club members enjoy 35% off all non-alcohol products

Specialty cocktails $10/$13

available at your discretion / state law limits consumption of spirits to no more than 3 oz total spirits per person per day (equivalent of two cocktails)

We make it HERE!

Grapes grown here

Grapes grown here

We grow our grapes, harvest our fruit, and press the juice.
Wines crafted here

Wines crafted here

We pitch the yeast, punch down the caps, & craft the wines.
Spirits distilled here

Spirits distilled here

We distill our own spirits, from our wines, from our grapes.

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Vineyard. Winery. Distillery

Dida's Distillery Tag Line: Pressed Not Mashed